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We are

transparent & sustainable.

We bring a full end to end traceability to the supply chain.

Categories that meet eco-conscious consumers demand

From snack nuts, coffee, and cacao spreads, to bottled spices and vanilla pods, Bali Bo'hem has category solutions to drive customers to your brand.

Private Label

Bali Bo'hem has the private label expertise to deliver the products, innovative category solutions and packaging options your brand needs to thrive and meet customer demand.



Our core business is your business. We strive not only to be your trustworthy organic food supplier, but also acts as a partner to support your business growth. Learn more about our wholesale business practices here.

Integrated supply chains
create traceability & reliable supply.

Product Standards

We have worked extensively with small farmers and producers across Indonesia's diverse archipelago, including those in cocoa, coffee, coconut, spices, botanicals, salt, and pepper production. Through Bali Bo'hem, we support fair trade that benefits local communities, making farming a more viable and appealing option for Indonesian farmers and providing a market for small-scale artisanal production.

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