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Natural Oils

Each of our small-scale producers are consistently growing and providing the absolute highest quality 100% pure and natural essential oils, never compromising on the quality. Sourced for purity, quality and ethics, our essential oils are enjoyed in homes, aromatherapy offices, and used by massage therapists and naturalists.


Natural Oils - we've got you covered

To create products that delight the senses, you need to start with great raw materials. Choose from our range of high-quality natural oils

Consumers want traceability & sustainability

Natural oil customers can see exactly what’s going on in their supply chains, report accurately and create real change for farmers, communities and the planet. 


Using Natural Oils

Organic Essential Oil only produce with ingredients that grow naturally, free GMO and not mix & contaminated any non-organic products and materials. We dedicated ourselves to organic standards are commited to provide high quality, safe and pure oils. Our organic Essential Oils are officially certified by LeSOS by June 2021. Indonesia is home to at least 80% of the medicinal plants prized for centuries by Chinese and Ayurvedic therapists. The vast majority of our products are created from indigenous plants, distilled from source to achieve the highest purity and enhancing each ingredient’s natural properties.

Processing & Benefits

Natural oils are typically cultivated through the process of pressing or extracting oil from the seeds, nuts, fruits, or other parts of a plant. Different methods are used depending on the type of oil, such as cold-pressing, solvent extraction, or steam distillation. These methods ensure that the oil is of high quality and purity.

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