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Supply Chain

With ownership or active engagement at every stage of our global supply chain, we offer unparalleled traceability and product security.  We believe that our approach to supply chain management can ensure our customers receive the highest quality product while also reducing our consumption of natural resources and enriching the communities in which we operate.


Where we grow our own crops - Organic coffee and spirulina in Sumatra and Java and our coconut sugar in Karangasem (Bali) - we have complete control. We apply international standards and advanced technology to maintain the highest quality. But the vast majority of the crops we buy are grown by smallholders in fragmented supply chains, which can make traceability more challenging. This is how we influence our third-party supply chains for the better:

Supply chain coverage on which you can rely.

We pride ourselves on sustainable growth, and Bali Bo’hem has committed long-term investments to ensure the sustainability of our global supply chain.  This approach underpins our continued ability to deliver a high degree of food safety, traceability, sustainability, product integrity, and overall value to our customers.




Farmers & Sourcing

Bali Bo'hem sources directly and indirectly from organic farms around the Indonesia. We support farmers by helping them boost yields and quality, diversifying crops to increase income, providing them sustainability reports, improving health and education, and enhancing their livelihoods. And many of them report back to us, improving traceability and transparency for our customers throughout the supply chain.

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