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Indian Spices

Pure, fresh Herbs & Spices from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Supplying the essence of taste, we offer responsibly grown spice ingredients that bring recipes to life and delight consumers. With a commitment to our farmer partners, we ensure a sustainable future for our global spice supply.


Spices - we've got you covered

To create products that delight the senses, you need to start with great raw materials. Choose from our range of high-quality spices and ingredients.

Consumers want traceability & sustainability

Choose from a wide portfolio of spices, herbs and sauces, including organic options. We know exactly where and how our spices are grown so you do too.

Spices and Herbs

Driven by consumer demand, we are proud to offer a range of certified organic products that are responsibly grown and processed to USDA standards. Our certified organic products provide complete traceability from farm to factory. Bali Bo'hem's unique relationships with our partner growers mean we provide unrivaled access to some of Indonesia's most celebrated spice ingredients grown in their true origins.

Image by Chetan Kolte

Find the spices you need

With us as your source, you can be confident that you are purchasing the finest spice ingredients in bulk directly from the origin. Our streamlined process ensures the safe handling of our products, from the farm to the factory and finally to your doorstep.

We have a dedicated team of spice specialists who are available to assist small to medium-sized businesses in finding the perfect product that meets their specifications and certifications. 

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