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It is our mission to provide safe and high-quality products to our customers. While accomplishing this mission, we believe our position on sustainability has had a significant influence on the relationship that we have developed with our customers and suppliers.

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Our passion for organics is woven into every fiber of Bali Bo'hem operations. We believe this is necessary to realize our mission to put people, plants, and the planet over profit. When we review plant materials, work with our family of farmers, or check harvesting sites, we always take our customers' health and the environment into serious consideration. The benefits of supporting the organic movement and moving toward an organic lifestyle are immeasurable.

We give our products the time and care needed for the creation that goes into any well-made hand-crafted product.
With ownership or active engagement at every stage of our global supply chain, we offer unparalleled traceability and product security.  We believe that our approach to supply chain management can ensure our customers receive the highest quality product while also reducing our consumption of natural resources and enriching the communities in which we operate.


Our growers & suppliers play an essential role in providing the highest quality of products to Bali Bo’hem. We value building long-lasting, genuine relationships with sustainable, like-minded growers and suppliers to maintain the trust and integrity of all that we do as a brand. 

We acknowledge there is still much work to do, and we are directly collaborating with farmers, communities, governments, industry, NGOs, and other stakeholders, to find ways to deliver real and lasting progress.

Our commitment to exceptional care and cultivation standards applies to our products and the hardworking people who grow them. We maintain fair and responsible sourcing practices that ultimately benefit primary agricultural communities to ensure human rights and proper working conditions are maintained at each stage in the supply chain.

Long-term farm partnerships provide us with a variety of opportunities to enhance the local economy (by investing in farm improvements, equipment, or employee housing) or to enrich the community directly (through the construction of schools, healthcare facilities, or vital regional infrastructures, such as roads and bridges).


At Bali Bo’hem, we understand that recycling by itself is not enough to sufficiently reduce our waste footprint. We have made it a priority to close the loop and reduce where we can. The regrettable truth is that we haven't found the perfect packaging option for all of our products. We opt for recycled content, reusable, and lightweight material whenever possible. Our goal is to keep your organic goods fresh and safe during their journey, while minimizing weight and bulk to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping.

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