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What is so great about Coconut Sugar ?

Coconut sugar, sometimes called coconut palm sugar, comes from the sap of the coconut palm tree not the coconuts. Harvesters tap coconut palm sap by cutting into the tree’s flower-bud stem to access its nectar. Producers mix the sap with water, boil it into a syrup, and allow it to dry and crystallize. Afterward, they break the dried sap apart to create sugar granules that resemble regular table or cane sugar. So what is so great about it?

Looks and Tastes Great!

Before we even get anywhere near the scientific advantages and benefits of organic coconut sugar, we need to look at something really very basic. Organic coconut sugar looks and tastes great! It has a slight hint of caramel which enhances and accentuates the smooth flavor curve.

Low Glycemic Index

Organic coconut sugar has Glycemic Index of 35, while table sugar has GI of between 60 and 75. Low Glycemic Index means organic coconut sugar does not cause your blood sugar to spike. This makes it easier for glucose and insulin regulation which in turn results in increased energy and better mood.

Organic and Non GMO

Our coconut sugar is organic and non GMO, which means there is no chemicals nor preservatives added, and there is absolutely no genetic modification. We adhere to USDA, EU, and JAS international organic standards.

Pure and Unrefined

Our organic coconut sugar is processed naturally, unbleached, and does not contain any other ingredients but pure coconut sugar from our organically grown coconut tree sap.


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