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Organic and Natural

Coconut Sugar


We all need a bit of sweetness in our lives.  Our organic coconut sugar is a naturally rich, unrefined sweetener made from pure coconut sap. The sap is gently heated to obtain brown sweet crunchy sugar crystals that retain the goodness extracted from the coconut blossom. 

Coconut Sugar is a natural alternative to processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Pure and unrefined sugar with a low Glycemic Index. 100% organic & vegan certified.



The tropical climate and mineral-rich island solids of Indonesia produce the beautiful coconut flowers that become our Bali Bo’hem Coconut Palm Sugar. The sweet nectar is collected from the flowers, heated into a thick buttery paste, then gently dried and finely ground into small crystals by hand. Coconut palm sugar has higher levels of trace minerals and vitamins than refined table sugar.



Organic Coconut sugar is a premium natural sweetener devoid of added chemicals or additives. It is unbleached and contains no preservatives. With a low glycemic index in its raw form, Coconut Sugar provides nourishing sweetness for the human body, to the extent where it is recommended for diabetic consumers as the prime alternative to other sweetening agents. Rich in nutrients and minerals, Coconut Sugar provides “slow-release” energy, providing healthy sustenance for the human body throughout the day

"Coconut Palm
are the world’s most sustainable sources
of sweeteners."

Plain coconut sugar tastes a lot like brown sugar—sweet, dark, and with notes of caramel. But, despite its name and origin, coconut sugar does not taste like coconut at all.

Benefits & Recipes

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